What A Great Day!

Last Monday, I entered Resources Prima Group at $0.195 (stock pick posted on 23/11/14 here).

Last Friday, I shorted Ezra at $0.695 (stock pick posted on 27/11/14 here).

Buy stock made money. Short sell stock also made money.

You only need a chart and some techniques to make money regularly from the stock market. Don’t need stuff like value investing, dividend investing, option trading, warrant trading, read news, read analyst report, attend AGM, etc.

Next saturday, I will be having a Unit Trust seminar whereby I will teach the technique of making money regularly from the global market using Unit Trust to grow our CPF and cash fund. This year to date, my Unit Trust portfolio had already grown by around 30% as shown here despite analyst and market expert calling for BEAR market every now and then especially during the month of October. I even entered the market by investing in the china fund during October (the worst month in 2014). This showed how robust my technique/system is.

If you would like to master this technique and benefit yourself for life, do register for the seminar here.

Man Created The Stock Market. Man Should Benefit From It.