We Helped The Needy

Yesterday, I received a message in my facebook from a reader who used the stock calls here to profit consistently from the stock market.

He made good money on my short calls on hyflux and ezra which was posted here.

I decided to post the conversation here because he will be donating $5 000 (30% of his winning) to the needy. It takes a winning mindset for one to give and share with others what ones has. He is on the right track to wealth abundance because everything starts from the mind. If you have the correct mindset, everything you do will be right and you will do well in life.

I hope this blog can help and benefit more such persons who in turn help the poor and needy out there.

By the way, I am still holding on to Hyflux since 17/11/2014. Still have no chance to exit and take profit yet.