We Had A Wonderful Time Shorting The Market

This week, my team of sniper traders and I enjoyed ourselves shorting the market.

I posted 3 stock calls on the sniper trader blog alerting my team of sniper traders to potential trades. As shown below, all of them are profitable.

We already exited SMRT and SIA and currently still holding M1.




As for SGX which I posted here on 30/7/15, I am currently still holding it as well.


As a sniper trader, we trade only according to the signal given by the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System. We don’t trade according to news, rumours, friend’s recommendation, insider news, analyst report, market sentiment, etc. To us, all these are noise.

Our job is to key in the trade order and wait for our paycheck at the end of the month. If we want a pay rise, we simply scale up our position size without additional work.

If you are a serious trader looking for a simple, easy to use and predictable trading system to create wealth in the market, you should come for my preview seminar.

You Don’t Need A Job. You Only Need The Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System.