Vietnam Fund – 11% return in 1 month


What an impressive return of 11% in a month as compared to fixed deposit return of 0.5% and CPF return of 2.5% a year.

As shown in the first picture, on 12/05/2014, my proprietary Unit Trust Investing System gave me a signal to enter Vietnam Fund and I switched all my client Unit Trust Fund to LionGlobal Vietnam Fund at $0.402. On 13/06/2014, it gave me an exit signal. I exited at $0.447 and switched all my client fund to LionGlobal Asia Bond Fund and Money Market Fund to wait for opportunity to invest again.

The entry signal on 12/05/2014 was accompanied by a Risk Indicator showing a low risk level and likewise, the exit signal on 13/06/2014 was accompanied by a high risk level. This system is able to tell me what to invest, when to invest and when to exit the investment. It has helped many of my clients made insane return on their Unit Trust Investment in the last few years.

You can see another entry signal generated by this system on Gold in my 19/06/2014 posting.

The second picture is a statement from one of my clients benefited from the investment in the Vietnam fund. Her fund increased from $33 406 to $37 093 in one month without her doing anything. In Great Eastern, there is an online Unit Trust Platform called Prestige Portfolio, where I invest and do fund switch for all my client. I decide for them what to invest, when to invest and exit a Unit Trust Fund.

If you invest in Unit Trust and hold for long term, most likely you won’t make much or worse lose money.

Today, the financial market moves very fast. With Unit Trust, you can invest in any part of the world when opportunity arises. You can invest in Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Russia, US, Europe, North Amercia, Middle East, Gold, commodity, technology, property market, bond, etc. Unit Trust will be the next hottest financial instrument to build our wealth in a fast and safe manner.

Always Invest According to the Chart. And remember, one good investment a year will secure your golden years !