Unit Trust – Russia Fund

On 29/01/15, I posted here that I have been monitoring Russia for an entry signal to invest for my investment portfolio. I mentioned in the post that once crude oil recovers, Russia fund will shot up. I even posted on the facebook on 28/01/2015 that crude oil had reached a bottom and will rebound from thereon.

On 31/01/15, after my stock preview seminar, I had a short session with my Unit Trust student. I presented to them my view on the crude oil and investment in Russia. One of my students decided to top up an additional amount of $13500 into his Unit Trust account and invest into the Parvest Equity Russia Fund. He requested me to time the entry and exit for him.

On 10/02/15, there was an entry signal from my proprietary Unit Trust Investing system and I entered the Russia fund. On 24/10/15, there was an exit signal and I exited with an handsome profit of 7% in 2 weeks as shown below.

russia chart

Russia statement

Using Great Eastern Prestige Portfolio Unit Trust Plan, we are able to invest online instantly anywhere in the world when opportunity arises. After an initial one-time administrative charge of 3% and an annual platform charge of 1.7%, buying and selling of all funds are free – no commission and spread incurred. You will save an enormous amount of money as compared to using other platform such as fundsupermart and dollardex. You will not face with liquidity issue like most encounter with ETF fund.

Parvest Equity Russia Fund is the top gainer among all Unit Trust fund in Singapore in the past one month with a return of 14%. My proprietary Unit Trust Investing system is able to screen out any investment opportunity in the world and filter out the best Unit Trust fund to invest in to capitalise that opportunity.

Currently, I am helping my client, who invest a minimum amount of $30 000 in cash, CPFOA or SRS, to manage their Unit Trust investment using my proprietary Unit Trust system. They just receive their investment statement every month and see their money grow without doing anything. If you would like to invest in Unit Trust or engage me to manage your Unit Trust fund, feel free to email me at ramuslow@www.moneyinthechart.com