Unit Trust – Japan Fund

Last Tuesday, one of my Unit Trust Investment students exited his Unit Trust investment in Japan with a return of 5.4% in one month.

He entered GreatLink Lion Japan Growth Fund (Code 31) on 04/05/15 at $0.831 when there is an entry signal from the Unit Trust Investing System. He exited on 02/06/15 at $0.876, making a marvellous profit of $17227 in a month.

Japan fund - June 15 20150609_153657

In the last one year, although the market is flat, choppy and volatile, my students and I manage to earn good money from Unit trust investing because with online Unit Trust, we are able to invest instantly in any part of the world when opportunity arises. With the help of my Unit Trust Investing System, we are able to enter and exit the market swiftly and steadily to consistently grow our CPF and cash saving.

For this student, he had grown his account steadily from $294 452 in 17/07/14 to $335 362 on 02/06/15 regardless of market condition. A profit of $41 000 in one year.


In today economic environment, the hard truth is if you don’t invest or trade correctly, you can never have enough to spend or to retire comfortably. 

Next Saturday, I will be having a Unit Trust Investing Seminar to teach the public how to use my Unit Trust Investing System to extract profit regularly from the global market to grow their CPF and cash in a safe and steady manner. I will also show them how they can double their money once every 3 years using my system. Register for it here.

One Good Investment A Year Will Secure Your Golden Years