Unit Trust Investment In 2016 And 2017

Today is the last trading day of the year and I decided to do a review on the performance of our Unit Trust Investment.

I remember vividly, last year in 2016, many professional traders and financial guru were saying a bear market is coming and/or the bull was exhausted (after 8 years of bull run) and advising others to liquidate their investment especially after Donald Trump unexpectedly won the US presidential election on November 8. They were expecting his anti-trade and immigration policy to derail the then recovering global economy.

This year in 2017, again these same bunch of people were saying a global recession is imminent and advising others to sell their investment into strength when US president Donald Trump failed to get his healthcare bill through congress, Kim Jong Un test launched a few ballistic missile and US in retaliation, threatened a military strike on North Korea, and the independence declaration by catalonia that poses a political crisis for Spain and a major challenge for European Union.

For us who use the Unit Trust Investing System for our investment, we ignore all these news, opinions, and advices because they are only as good as it sounds.

We always trade and invest according to the chart because if the price don’t move, you don’t earn a single cent. Hence, we invest only when there is an entry signal from the chart and likewise liquidate our investment only when there is an exit signal. No emotion involved.

Below is a typical Unit Trust investment portfolio performance of one of the students in 2016 and 2017.

His investment grew from $52 651 in January 2016 to $64 992 in Dec 2017. An awesome return of 23% in 2 years.

By harnessing on the accuracy of the Unit Trust Investing System and following the signal, he steadily reaps profit from the market as opportunity arises without a single loss.

It Is Not What You Know. It Is What You Do That Matters.