Unit Trust Investing – 32% return in 7 month

Today, as I was going through my clients’ Unit Trust investment statement to prepare for my upcoming Unit Trust Seminar, I realised that year to date, their investment portfolio had grown by a whopping 32%. Yes, 32% in just 7 months. This is what Unit Trust investment can do to your portfolio if you have the correct knowledge, tool and system.

By harnessing on both my Proprietary Unit Trust Investing System and my knowledge and experience for FREE, my client get to keep 100% of their profit from Unit Trust Investing without doing anything.

Isn’t this better than Value Investing where one needs to go through tons of incomprehensible material to find that undervalued stock to obtain an average return of 20%/pa? Or putting it in the bank to earn a peanut skin return of 0.5%/pa, in the CPF to earn a peanut return of 2.5% (but lose 3%/pa to inflation) or worse for some, losing money to the stock market because they don’t have the correct knowledge to trade?

Below is one of the statements showing my first investment of this year into the Thailand market and the client’s current portfolio status.


The first image is my Unit Trust Investing System. The second image is the statement for the free fund switch activity. The third image is the current value of the client’s investment portfolio.

As shown in image 1, my Unit Trust Investing system gave me a signal to enter Thailand market at a low risk level on 24/01/14 and I entered into Aberdeen Thailand Equity Fund (code 100) at $8.911. On 21/03/14, the system gave me an exit signal and I exited at $9.314. Gaining a return of 4.5% in 2 month.

This client portfolio was $52686 in 24/01/14. Today, after 7 month, it has grown into $69588 as shown in image 3. An impressive return of 32%. Only with a versatile financial instrument like Unit Trust can one be able to capture instantly any investment opportunity around the world and profit enormously from it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, stay tune in this blog for the date of my upcoming Unit Trust seminar where I will showcase my ”CRAZY”  Unit Trust Investing System ( first in the market ) to the public.