Unit Trust – Thailand Fund

Today, I received a ‘Thank You’ message from one of my students who attended the Unit Trust seminar on 14 March 2015. He had made good return from investing in Thailand fund using the strategy learned in the seminar.

He invested $48 500 into LionGlobal Thailand Fund (Fund code: 60) on 26/03/15 at $3.586. He exited on 20/04/15 at $3.737 and made a return of $2000 (4%) in 3 weeks.

After he exited, the fund dropped fast and furious to near the entry point. This demonstrated how accurate my proprietary Unit Trust Investing System is. It will signal to you when to enter and exit your investment so that you can extract money consistently from the global market in a safe and steady manner.

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He and the other students who attended that Unit Trust seminar also profited from my stock call on Biosensor which I asked them to buy during the seminar. See here.

He paid only $88 for the seminar, but made back more than 20 times the seminar fee plus acquired an investment strategy that will benefit him for life. No wonder, he asked me to reserve a seat for him for the upcoming Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course this month.


So far for this upcoming Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course intake in May, one third of those who had signed up are from my Unit Trust Seminar students. They used the acquired investment strategy to make good money for their cash and CPF and now they come back for more.

Probably, Money In The Chart is the only trading and investment school in Singapore where students come back for more knowledge and skill to make more money from the market.

Trade And Invest According To The Chart. No ‘If’, No ‘But’.