Stock Trading Course 2015

Last saturday, I concluded another beneficial Unit Trust seminar, teaching the audience the correct and proper way of investing in Unit trust. Imparting them the technique of extracting regular profit from the market in a safe and steady manner to grow their CPF and cash money. 

After the seminar,all of them realised why in the past 10 years they had not profited or lost money from Unit Trust investing. They realised there is nothing wrong with the product, it is just that they used the wrong method and strategy. Now that they are armed with the correct strategy, I am very sure they will have no problem meeting the CPF minimum sum scheme and be able to retire comfortably.

Some of the audience also told me that they lose money using the stock pick here because after they entered the trade, they have problem managing it, shifting the stop loss and exiting. Because of this major issue and the incessant email from the public requesting me to conduct stock trading course because they love the stock pick here, after some consideration, I have decided to hold my first stock trading course in March 2015. I will post more info on it in this blog from next month onwards. Do watch for it.

With this stock trading course, I will be able to help more people improve their standard of living, live their desired lifestyle and have more time for themselves and their family. They will have no worries over job security, over their children education fund, over their retirement fund, over their bill, over their next holiday, etc. Because all these will be paid for by the market. This should be the way, no other way.

Man Created The Market. Man Should Benefit From It.