Stock Trading – 90% Lose, 10% Win

Since the start of the year, and especially since February 2015, I have been receiving numerous emails asking for my advice on whether to hold or to sell their stock holding because they have dropped substantially, requesting me to lower the price of my ultimate sniper stock trading course because they wanted to attend it to recoup their losses in the last 2 months, asking whether they can pay the course through interest-free instalment offered by various credit cards, etc. Some even asked me whether they can pay half first and the balance will be paid after they have recoup their losses and from the profit earned thereafter.

These people had lost so much money in the stock market that they cannot think straight now. I empathise with them and there is nothing I can do. Damage (financial and psychology) had already been done and money had already been lost. In trading, if you lose more than 30% of your trading account, it is very difficult to recover back especially psychologically.

Today, the market had changed. It moves very fast and has no mercy. If you don’t equip yourself with the correct knowledge, tool and system, you can never win it. If you don’t invest part of your money in a proven trading system for long-term benefit, then prepare to lose more of your hard-earned money to the market.

In trading, either you win a lot or you lose a lot.