Pacific Radiance – Did You See It ?

Monday, my Nam cheong ran. Tuesday, my Swissco fly. Wednesday my Sincap shot up. Today, my Pacific Radiance dash up ! This stock was posted here on Tuesday. This week is the best one for me.

Ladies and Gentleman, did you manage to catch them all or some of it? All these stock call were posted at least one day in advance. These stock call were generated from my wonderful Stock Trading System. This week alone, I can easily get 4 good trade to replace my monthly income. How about you?

Today, having a fixed pay job may not be viable anymore because of the few reasons below

1) More of the newer generation are having a Degree. The government is building more university so that more people will have access to a University education. This does not bode well for the current workforce as they will face immense competition 10 years down the road.

2) More companies are relocating to lower cost countries like eastern part of china, Vietnam, Myanmar, etc

3)When recession comes, company just retrench you without any qualm.

4) Internet and Technological advancement are slowing replacing human workforce. A good example is the remisier industry. It became a sunset industry because more people are trading online. Getting retrench at age 40 or older is no joke.

Let this posting be a wake up call to you. You must have more than one source of income to survive in this harsh environment. You can either trade or invest to generate that extra source of income. Act now before it is too late.