No stock call today

This afternoon, the selling in European Market accelerated because the CPI index from France (second biggest economy in EU) is 0%. This does not bode well for the EU because deflation may have set in.
This may lead to another European Crisis. Furthermore, Italy and Spain are still inflicted with extremely high unemployment rate.

Currently, the European Market is very weak and the trend may have reversed.

US market still looks strong and Asia market are mixed.

STI is at a crossroad. I don’t know which direction it will take.
I am waiting patiently for the signal to enter the market again. When doing trading and investment, you need to be patient,or else you will become a patient (financially).

Today, the financial market moves very fast. With the correct knowledge, tool and system, your money or wealth will grow very fast. For those who don’t have a CFD account, it is time you open one to get ready to short sell the market if the time comes. You can only short sell and hold a stock with a CFD account. Usually, CFD account are offered by foreign broker like Saxo, CMC, IG market, etc.


Gold have been creeping up everyday since I first posted it on 19/6/14 ( see all my gold posting under gold label ). Gold may become the top performer this year.

For those who have suffered some losses in the last 2 days, I am very confident that if you follow closely the daily stock call on this blog, you will recoup them back.