Nam Cheong – One Good Trade

Today, Nam Cheong shoot up into the sky with huge volume. It became my second good trade of this month.

I entered this trade on 7/8/14 at $0.48 as posted here.

As you can see, it isn’t difficult to get 4 good trade a month to replace your income if you follow this blog closely. Everyday, I will post 2 stock call on this blog and you reader have a whole night to read and key in the order into your trading platform.


1)European Market will rebound very strong after this correction and I foresee Asia market will follow suit.

2) This few week will be very good for trading and investment because after a correction, many stock will be cheap and low risk.

3) My third good trade this month is Valuetronics entered on 7/8/14 at $0.53 as posted here.

4)Today, I closed my first good trade of the month swiber at $0.49 which was entered on 5/8/14 as posted here

5) My stop loss on Ezra entered on 8/8/14 as posted here was triggered.

6) Swissco entered on 8/8/14 at $1.00 as posted here would probably be my fourth good trade of this month.

Four Good Trade A Month Will Replace Your Income