My Good Trades for Month of October

This month of October is the most volatile one so far year as we experienced a global market correction ( European market down 10% ) caused by Ebola, deflation risk in European and the end of QE3 in US.

Despite the huge turbulence in the market, I managed to obtain 3 good trades for this month. All thanks to my robust stock trading system.

China Sunsine stock call was posted here on 20 Oct. Today, it gave me a return of 5.7%.

Silverlake was posted here on 23 October. Today, it gave me a return of 3.8%.

Innovalues was posted here yesterday. Today, it gave me a return of 5.1%

As you can see, with a good system, one can get 4 Good Trade a Month systematically to replace his income or create an additional source of income regardless of the market direction. As long as the stock market open and close, money will automatically flow into your trading account.