Merry Christmas !

Today seem like Christmas Day.

I received a few christmas presents from Santa claus ( Mr Market ).

First present is SBI Offshore up by another 7.2%
Second present is Libra. Today it went up by 4.8%
Third present is Adventus. Today move by 10%
Fourth present is breadtalk. Today went up by 2.1%

I love SBI Offshore. Last month, my student and I profited 28% from it. You can read it here.

Today, it gave me another 27% of profit. I am going to use this round of profit to book a year-end holiday to Europe to spend my christmas there.

Let the market pays for all our holidays, expenses and retirement fund. This should be the role of the market.

I am looking forward to this saturday Unit Trust seminar whereby I will be teaching my new batch of student on how to make the market pays for their retirement fund by systematically extract money out of the global market in a safe and steady manner.