Market Outlook

For the past 2 weeks, the global equity market went through a selling wave.

The US and European bond market also went through a huge and steep selling wave, raising doubt whether the ECB had stopped their QE.

Bond market is down, Equity market is down, US dollar also down.

All these happened without an apparent reason. Thus, causing much confusion among trader and investor.

For me, I only trade and invest according to the chart.

According to my chart, we are currently going through a minor pullback. The first one since the start of the year. Nothing to worry about and this 6 year old bull run is still intact.

The European market will be the first one to recover. Hopefully, it will pull the US and Asia market up.

I hope the selling will continue for the next 2 weeks so that when my next batch of sniper traders completed their course on 24 May, they will have plenty of good opportunity to trade and make back at least 5 times their course fee like what happened to those who graduated on 28 March.

This saturday, I will be having a preview for the upcoming Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course on 23 May. If I have extra time, I will go through the chart for the various global indices to get a feel and direction of the market.