Jaya – The Champion!

OMG! Today Jaya blew past the resistant at $0.41 and garnered a return of 51% in a day.

Totally AWESOME in an otherwise dull market!

This stock was posted on this blog only yesterday.

This trade alone can replace 2 month of my income. I am looking to manually close this trade tomorrow or the day after as a pullback is imminent after a massive move like this.

Indeed, Jaya is very different from other penny stock.

My Window Live Mail is again flooded with email. But this time round are all the ‘Thank You’ mails.

If you have made money via this blog, kindly buy more tissue from the elderly Singaporean on the street. This little goodwill from you will brighten up their day.

This week, I posted 6 stocks. Only 3 of them were triggered and they turn out to be good trades.

Good enough for me as I only need four good trade a month. Anything more is a bonus to me.

Yesterday, I exited my client Gold Unit Trust Fund and after that Gold plunged 2 times!

As you can see, today, the financial market moves very fast. With the CORRECT knowledge, tool and system, your money will grow very fast. Your finance will be secure and you can lead any kind of lifestyle.


LCD Global, Silverlake and Tritech have not trigger their buy order yet. You can still key in the stop buy order and trade them. They are very good stock for trading. Likely, will give trader extra income this week.
Don’t MISS it.