Jaya – Another 24% return in a day !

Jaya – The runaway train that never come back.

This morning, I sold away all my Jaya position at $0.073. All in all, this trade gave me a 3 month income!

After I sold off Jaya, I was thinking of taking a week break in Thailand or other nearby country since I had just finished all my appointment with my client in the last 2 week. Needed a break to recharge myself. Because of you readers and those who emailed me last week wanting to invest Unit Trust with me after I posted the impressive return of Vietnam Fund using my Breakthrough Unit Trust Investing System, I had decided to postpone my trip till end of September.

From now till end of September, I will continue to post the hottest stock for you to trade and earn extra income so that you too can bring your family and children for a vacation during this September school holiday.

You readers are very lucky to have visited this blog or accidentally stumbled upon it. Your life will change after this.