Japan Fund – Third Round of Profit

Did you see it? We did it again.

My Unit Trust Investing students and I entered into LionGlobal Japan Growth fund (SGD-Hedged) again on 11 July at $1.094 as there was an entry signal from the Unit Trust Investing system.

We exited 3 days later on 13 July at $1.138 as there was an exit signal. Reaping a cool profit of 4%.

Using the same students’ investment account shown last week, it had grown from $44 587 to $46 521 while the other from $37 579 to $39 154.

Japan fund July b



So far year to date, we have extracted 12.4% from Japan fund by just investing for 14 days. See here how we do it.

This clearly shows the importance of using a good system for trading/investing. It will tell you when to enter the market at opportune time and exit swiftly to protect your profit.

Using Unit Trust, we can invest in anything such as gold, commodities, indices, oil, properties, bond, etc when opportunities arises. You will not stuck with a lifeless Singapore stock market or a pathetic return of 2.5%/year and 0.5%/year from CPF and fixed deposit respectively.

I am excited and looking forward to this Saturday Unit Trust seminar where I will be teaching the attendees how to use the Unit Trust Investing system to consistently extract profit from the global market to steadily grow their investment and CPF account so that they can retire comfortably in their golden years. With this new knowledge and investing system, their financial situation will change for the better.

Hope to you all this Saturday!

In the meantime, I will use some of my profit from Japan Fund to book a nice year-end winter holiday to Hokkaido, Japan.

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around