Japan Fund – Second Round of Profit

Two weeks ago when Britain voted to leave the European Union, the global market panicked and there were accelerated selling across all risk assets. Most brokerage houses increased their trading margin in anticipation of an economic crash similar to the one caused by the collapse of the Lehman Brothers in 2008.

For us – my Unit Trust investing students and I, amid the crisis, we are looking to enter the market.

We got a signal from the Unit Trust Investing System on 28/06/16 and entered LionGlobal Japan Growth fund(fund code 66) at $1.074.

Four days later, we got an exit signal and sold our investment at $1.104, garnering a handsome profit of 2.8% in 4 days.

One of the students account grow from $43 437 to $44587 and the other from $36 558 to $37 579.

This is what I call ‘easy money’.

Japan fund July

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With online investing coupled with my Unit Trust Investing System, we are able to invest instantly in any part of the world when opportunity arises and exit swiftly to protect our profit.

This is the second times we profited from Japan fund this year. Read here to see how we do it the first time.

Last Friday, the US employment data was good but not enough to induce the Fed to raise interest rate. Market cheered and rallied.

Over the weekend, good news also emerged from Australia and Japan elections.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared victory on Sunday in a marathon national election, with his coalition government retaining power and the opposition Labor Party conceding defeat.

Japan Prime Minister Abe’s coalition notched a landslide victory for the upper house in Japan’s parliament. Abe had cast the election as a referendum on his “Abenomics” recipe of hyper-easy monetary policy, spending and reform. With signs the strategy is failing, the government plans to compile a post-election stimulus package that could exceed $99 billion.

With most headwinds over and market expecting Japan, Britain and China to further stimulate their economies with more ultra easy monetary policies, the upside is likely to continue in the second half of 2016.

To capitalize on this market opportunity, I will be conducting a Unit Trust Investing Seminar to teach how you can use my Unit Trust Investing System to extract profit easily from any part of the world to grow your idle cash and CPF fund in a safe and steady manner.

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