Japan Fund – Fast N Furious Return

Last month, amid the atrocious global market meltdown, my Unit Trust Investing students and I entered into Japan fund when there is a signal from the proprietary Unit Trust Investing System. To us, every financial crisis is an investment opportunity and it is a sin to waste it.

We entered on 25/01/16 at $0.732 and exited one week later at $0.773 when there is an exit signal. In just one week, we obtained an awesome return of 5.6%. After we exited, the Japan index dive down as shown in the chart below.


Below is a statement from one of the students. She invested(switch in) $187 813 into Greatlink Lion Japan Growth Fund(code 31) on 25/01/16. One week later, she exited(switch out) with $198 333. $10 500 profit in one week without doing anything.

After she paid $88 attending my Unit Trust Investing seminar last year, her investment account has been growing steadily despite the fierce global market sell down.

Attending my course is probably the best investment she had ever made in her life.


Here is another statement from other student. His profit is $4140 in one week. Not bad as compare to those who put their money in the bank (0.5%/year), CPF (2.5%/year) and those ignorant who lose money to the market in the last 6 months.

His investment account is also growing steadily in the last 6 months. Not least affected by the bear market.


I felt happy for them as they have acquired the necessary knowledge and skill to grow their investment account. They will have no problem retiring comfortably in their golden years.

Bear market doesn’t mean one will lose money if he is invested in the market. There are financial instruments that will go up during a bear or volatile market.

Similarly, it is not how good or bad the market is when determining when to enter. It is how good you are. With the correct knowledge, tool and system, you can make money from the market anytime, anywhere.