Innovalues – One Good Trade

Today, I exited my Platinum Golden Cash Cow Innovalues with a wonderful profit of 12%. This stock call was posted here on 12 Feb 2015 and the very next day it gaped up.


Since last year, every time I entered this stock, it will give me profit. See here and here. That is why it has turned into my Platinum Golden Cash Cow from a normal cash cow last year.

With my Ultimate Sniper Stock trading system, I can easily get 4 good trades a month to replace my income. I am able to make the market pays for all my daily expenses, pay for my next big ticket item, contribute to my pension fund and more.

Today, I also shorted Hyflux which was posted here on 24/02/15. See how this dead stock will become my next good trade. Experience how shorting dead stock is the best thing to do in life than value investing or working in the corporate world.

Once A Trader, Always a Trader.