My Golden Cash Cow is back again !

Innovalues had turned into my Golden Cash Cow from Cash Cow because it had given me numerous profit previously. See here.

Today, there is an entry signal.

Stop buy or buy only @ $0.50
Stop loss @ $0.465
I am looking forward to this Saturday Unit Trust Seminar whereby I will be teaching the strategy of extracting profit regularly from the global market using Unit Trust to grow our CPF and cash in a safe and steady manner. 
For those who are coming, be prepare to stay till 7pm ( although seminar ends at 4.30pm ) if you have queries or doubt on trading and investing. I will try my best to solve them. Hope we can turn this into another fruitful and beneficial seminar. 
If you would like to know how I can double your money every 3 – 4 years using Unit Trust, do register for the seminar here.