This stock is very bullish now. Price action is getting faster. Either ride the trend or manually exit your position once the profit is good. This is money drop from the sky. Miss it at your own risk.

Stop buy or buy @ $0.31
Stop loss @ $0.28


1) Yesterday, at my Unit Trust seminar, I had a good discussion with the audience on stock, Unit Trust investment, proper portfolio diversification and the overall marco-economics view on the global financial market. I also gave the audience 2 good stock tips for this week in appreciation of them making the effort to come down for my seminar on a cosy saturday afternoon instead of resting at home. I love to help these people who are genuine in wanting to grow their money. Hope they will profit immensely from my 2 stock tips.

There are still 3 dates left for my seminar. And I may not conduct anymore seminar on Unit Trust investing as I find that it is very tiring to stand and speak for 2 hours. You can still register and attend them if you are looking for someone to mange your Unit Trust fund, intend to use Unit Trust to trade the Index market, want a higher return for your CPF and fixed deposit in the bank, etc.