High Cost of Living and Casino Fuel Singapore Pawnshop Growth

There is an article today at bloomberg that attributed the proliferation of pawnshop in Singapore to the high cost of living and the 2 casino.

I feel sad for those who has pawned their valuable just to gamble at the casino. The probability of winning at casino is very small because the house always wins.

If these people had learnt the skill of trading or investing, they would have used the money to trade or invest wisely which have a much higher probability of winning. Their financial condition would be in a better state.

As mention in my blog yesterday, high cost of living in Singapore is a factor which motivates me to give information on good stock to trade and good unit trust to invest in so that more people can earn extra income to combat the high inflation rate – the ever increasing price of daily food essential, housing and our CPF minimum sum scheme, etc.

Do recommend your friend, relative and colleague to this blog so that they can benefit from it as well.

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