Hai Leck – Big Profit for Sat Seminar Audience

Hai Leck was one of the 2 stock tips given to the audience in appreciation of their effort for coming down to my last Saturday Unit Trust Seminar instead of them resting at home. I even suggested to them to go shopping and have a good meal at Bugis Junction after the seminar and let the market pay for all their expense on Monday.

Indeed, today the market pay for all their expenses. This should be the way. Let the market pay for your expenses, your next holiday, take care of your pension fund, etc. Let your hard earned money work hard for you, not work hard for the Bank and the CPF board. Our job is just to see our money grow, not to slog for money. 

Last, but not least, if you have profited from this stock call, kindly help those helpless elderly and disabled on the street.