Gold – 6.6% in 2 month

As promised 2 week ago that I will post the gold Unit Trust performance here after I had switched out from it. Below are the statement I received recently.

This is one of my Whole Life Investment Linked policies (ILP).
I realise that I had switched to gold fund 2 times this year and profited 6.6% in all. As shown above, on 23/01/14, my proprietary Unit Trust Investing system gave me a signal to enter Gold and I switched my ILP fund to GEMM Resources Fund (Gold, Energy, Mining) at $0.6390. I exited on 28/2/14 at $0.6609 when exit signal appeared.
Again, an entry signal appeared on 24/06/14 and I entered at $0.6792. I exited on 14/07/14 at $0.7012 when exit signal was given by the system. Gaining 3.2% in 3 weeks. As shown on the chart, after I exited on 14/07/14, gold plunged. If I had not exited, I would give back all my profit to the market again.
With the correct knowledge, tool and system, I am able to generate around 20 – 25% return for my Investment Linked Policy, which is partly used to pay for the whole year premium. In this way, I enjoyed absolutely free whole life coverage for death, disability and critical illness. The financial market pays for my income, retirement fund and my insurance premium.
For those who are investment savvy, Investment linked policy is for you rather than a non-investment policy which generate a peanut return of 3%/pa and tied down your money ridiculously for 25 years or more.