First Resources

I love the current market now.

Despite yesterday bombing of the Zaventem airport in Brussels by terrorist, the global market continue to power up. This is a good testimony of the current strength of the bull.

Today, First Resources had a superb trade set-up. See how it shot up tomorrow.

2016Mar-First Resources-800x600

Buy only @ 2.05
Stop loss @ 1.96

Because the current market condition is very conducive for trading and investing, next Saturday, I am organising a Unit Trust Investing seminar where I will impart the skill and knowledge required to extract profit regularly from any part of the world to grow your cash and CPF fund in a safe and steady manner.

I will also show you how you can double your money once every 3 years using my Unit Trust Investing System.

Trade And Invest According To The Chart. No ‘If’, No ‘But’.