Ezra has been going through a fierce sell down since 25/7/14. It had broken the support at $1.14. I am going to piggyback on this selling wave by shorting this stock.

Stop sell or sell using CFD @ $1.085
Stop loss @ $1.15


1)US and European market are still extremely bearish. Although currently STI and Hang Seng are still well supported, the continued selling in the west may bring down Asia market.

2) Watch out for Jaya. It is attempting a breakout.

3) Today my short position on Swiber entered on 5/8/14 has given me a good profit. This is my first good trade of the month. I am expecting more as the selling has intensify today.

4) My buy orders for Nam cheong and valuetronics are triggered today. Hopefully, they can turn into my second and third good trade for this month.