European Market Correction in October 2014

Today, the European Market had fallen around 10% from their previous high reached last month and is in a correction mode. During a correction mode, a daily drop of 3% – 5% in the indices is normal. As I mentioned many times, the market have changed and it moves very fast. If you are not careful, you will lose your hard earned money very fast even without knowing why you lose it!

For the last 2 weeks, I received numerous desperate emails asking me should they hold or should they sell their stock holding after losing so much money because they trade/invest without placing a stop loss. Most of the stocks in SGX ( including BLUE chip ) had fallen so much that I couldn’t recognised some of them.

On 11 August 2014, I posted here about the first European correction and mentioned I will ride the recovery using Unit Trust.

As shown above, there was an entry signal from my Unit Trust investing system on 11/8/14 and I switched all my client fund to Greatlink European Equity fund at $0.892. I switched out of it on 9/9/14 at $0.934 and garnered a return of 4.7% in 1 month. After I switched out, European equity started to slam down till today as shown on the chart. With my wonderful system, I am not caught in the selling wave and I can sleep and work well without any worry. I am just waiting for the selling wave to be over and enter the market again to earn easy money.

Today, Unit Trust moves very fast. Year to date till September 2014, India fund from ACMBernstein fund house had generated a return of 48% and Vietnam fund from LionGlobal fund house had generated a return 22%. Obtaining an average return of 25%/pa from Unit Trust investing is considered normal in today fast moving market.

For those who always lose money with stock trading and those who don’t really know how to trade or invest, I urge you to attend my Unit Trust Seminar next saturday and consider Unit Trust as your next trading/investing vehicle rather than losing your hard earned money to the stock market. During the seminar, you will learn the correct way of trading/investing in Unit Trust and how I use my proprietary Unit Trust Investing system to manage my client fund and profit immensely from any crisis in the world. And my client get to keep 100% of the profit generated.