European Market Correction In July 2014

In the past 2 week, I received numerous emails asking me how I knew the European market will resume its selling again as posted on 23/07/14.

The selling signal was given by my Unit Trust Investing System  as shown below.

This is the chart of Germany Market as it is the main representative of European market.

The selling in Germany Market started on 7/7/14. On 23/7/14, the rebound was resisted by the trendline and it subsequently broke the first major support line and gone down further. Today, it is supported by the second major support line with an extremely low risk level. For the past 1 month, Germany market had gone down by 12%. It totally wipe off 9 month of gain. This is what I meant when I say the market moves very fast. Today, the financial market has changed. If you invest and hold for long term, either you lose or you made little profit.

I get very excited whenever I see chart like this with very low risk level. Whenever, the Risk level is high in my Unit Trust Investing system, market will always slam down. And whenever the Risk level is low, market will always dash up. I am just waiting for the entry signal to appear to capture this investment opportunity using Unit Trust. I am expecting another good investment here and will post the return after I switch out from it.

With such a wonderful system, I can capture any investment opportunity around the world and grow my investment portfolio at an INSANE rate via Unit Trust.

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