Did You See It?

I shorted Ocean Rig Udw Inc on Monday evening at 2.90 and today, it went down to 2.67. A BIG FAT profit of 8.6% in three days.

2015Sep-Ocean Rig Udw Inc-800x600

I also shorted Performant Financial on Tuesday evening at 2.68 and today, it went down to 2.59. A decent profit of 3.5% in two days.

2015Sep-Performant Financial-800x600

All these stock picks were posted here for all to see and profit from.

There are many shorting opportunities in the US market and most of the stock there are shortable with low margin requirement and no/less restriction and liquidity issue.

Shorting is the easiest and fastest way to trade and profit from the market and currently I am still holding them to enjoy my smooth ride down while protecting part of the profit.

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