Death of the US Dollar

This must watch video by Michael Maloney is about the collapse of the US dollar. Michael Maloney has done extensive research on Currencies, Gold and Silver. He revealed shocking statistic regarding the US dollar. Recently, increasing number of countries around the world are abandoning the US dollar as the standard currency in their international trade which lead to US dollar flowing back home and elevate its inflation rate.

This may be one of the factors which led to higher inflation rate in US in recent months.

Higher inflation rate will cause the US Fed to taper faster and increase the interest rate sooner than expected.
This may cause the US stock market to come down.

This could be one of the reasons why gold and silver rallied the last 2 days.

I wonder what will happen to US if QE1 to QE3 amount of dollar all flow back home!

Note that this is a fundamental news. We still trade and invest according to the chart. The chart moves, we moves!