Chiwayland Int Ltd – Another Round Of Profit


There is an entry signal for this stock again. Hopefully, this Chiwayland Int Ltd will be my cash cow for 2105.

Buy only @ $0.32
Stop loss @ $0.285

I just realise that my Unit Trust seminar this saturday coincide with Valentine Day. To make this seminar a special and meaningful one, I decided that those who register for it, you can bring along another person for free. You can bring along your partner, spouse, friend, or buddy. Treat them to this financial seminar so that they can learn a lifelong skill and knowledge that will put them in good stead to grow their CPF and cash for retirement.

Especially for couple, if both can learn the same strategy and invest together, it will be a big step closer to reaching their financial goal or buying their next house.

If you would like to register for the seminar, click here.