China Aviation – Another Fish Caught

Look at that! China Aviation gaped up today where 95% of the stocks in the market are in the red. This stock call was posted here yesterday.

2015Mar-China Aviation-800x600

I exited at $0.845 and this trade became my fourth good trade of the month. This month (March) had been a good one for me because firstly, during the Unit Trust Seminar held on 14 March, the students who attended it made more than 10 times the seminar fee from the stock call on Biosensor and at the same time, they gained an investment knowledge that will put them in good stead for life.

Secondly, last weekend, I concluded the first quarterly Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course for this year and managed to help 13 students to become full time traders or derive an additional source of income from trading. With the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, they will have no financial worries and be able to live their desirable lifestyle.

Lastly, I manage to get my fourth good trade in for this month. This is how good the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System is and it never fail me. It will give you at least 4 good trades a month to replace your miserable income regardless of market direction and condition.

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around