Charisma Energy

Yesterday night, US market and the USD were sold down. With the USD down, commodity, including crude oil rallied. Crude oil (WTI) rebounded the second time from $43.50 last week. It has found a strong support there.

Today, all oil related counters rallied strongly and I personally picked Charisma Energy for you to make fast cash tomorrow.

2015Mar-Charisma Energy-800x600

This is for gambler only. Intra-trade and exit once profit is good. Be socially responsible and bet within your budget.

Buy only @ $0.025

I am excited and looking forward to this weekend Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course where I will transform 13 students to become a sniper trader.

The stock market is a cold and merciless place. Only the strongest will survive and prosper because the 10% that win will receive the money from the 90% that lose.

Next week, you will be trading against another 13 sniper traders. Good Luck!