Valuetronics is back again. Time to enter tomorrow.

Buy only @ $0.475
Stop loss @ $0.44

Currently, US and Asia markets are going through a correction. The next market to correct will be Europe. Hence, this global market correction will last for sometime.

Coincidentally, by the time this correction has ended, I would have finished teaching my Unit Trust Investing and stock trading course for this month. The students would be able to scoop up cheap stock and Unit Trust fund to grow their CPF, cash and trading account. The timing is really wonderful!

2 more days to my Unit Trust Seminar and 2 more weeks to my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course. Secure your seat fast before it ran out if you don’t want to miss the ample trading and investing opportunities after a market correction.

If You Think Education Is Expensive, Try Ignorance.

Valuetronics – One Good Trade

Today, I exited my Valuetronics with a profit of 8.5%. This stock call was posted here on 15/02/15 and I posted on the Facebook yesterday evening to exit manually as there was an exit signal from my ultimate sniper stock trading system. This system is able to help me to enter and exit my stock position at precise timing so that I can make the maximum amount of profit in a shortest time possible.


If you aspire to be a successful trader and make tons of money by seeing your trading account compound by 50% every month regardless of market condition, do reserve your seat in my upcoming stock trading course next month here. The intake is capped at 10 student only. Once it is filled up, you have to wait till June 2105 for the next intake.

Valuetronics – Did you see it !

Last week I caught Jaya. Today, I caught Valuetronics. Life is Great!

I entered this stock on 02/07/14 at $0.44 as posted here. Today, the closing price is $0.585, a return of 33% in 3 weeks. This trade can probably replace 2 months of my income. For the month of July, my trading system had helped me to capture Jaya and Valuetronics. The massive profit from both trades can easily replace 5 months of my income!

My stock trading system is about 85% accuracy. Every 10 trades I put in, there will always be 2 losing trades which will trigger my stop loss. I treat these losses as paying income tax to the stock market. Commission and cut loss are the fix cost of trading. If you did not cut loss it means you have not traded.

Stock trading can only replace or give you an additional stream of income. It can never make you rich.

Only through investment, one can be rich via wealth accumulation and growth. My portfolio is divided into 75% investment, 20% trading and 5% cash. I use Unit Trust as my investment instrument, stock and index trading as my trading instrument. They compliment each other and greatly help me grow my portfolio at insane rate. As I always said, today the financial market moves very fast, with the correct knowledge, tool and system, you can capitalise on any opportunity around the world 24/7 and your money will grow very fast.

See how I capture the opportunity in Vietnam using my breakthrough Unit Trust Investing System here.


1) Watch out for Blumont, Memstar and Riverstone. They may breakout and run.