Unit Trust Investment In 2016 And 2017

Today is the last trading day of the year and I decided to do a review on the performance of our Unit Trust Investment.

I remember vividly, last year in 2016, many professional traders and financial guru were saying a bear market is coming and/or the bull was exhausted (after 8 years of bull run) and advising others to liquidate their investment especially after Donald Trump unexpectedly won the US presidential election on November 8. They were expecting his anti-trade and immigration policy to derail the then recovering global economy.

This year in 2017, again these same bunch of people were saying a global recession is imminent and advising others to sell their investment into strength when US president Donald Trump failed to get his healthcare bill through congress, Kim Jong Un test launched a few ballistic missile and US in retaliation, threatened a military strike on North Korea, and the independence declaration by catalonia that poses a political crisis for Spain and a major challenge for European Union.

For us who use the Unit Trust Investing System for our investment, we ignore all these news, opinions, and advices because they are only as good as it sounds.

We always trade and invest according to the chart because if the price don’t move, you don’t earn a single cent. Hence, we invest only when there is an entry signal from the chart and likewise liquidate our investment only when there is an exit signal. No emotion involved.

Below is a typical Unit Trust investment portfolio performance of one of the students in 2016 and 2017.

His investment grew from $52 651 in January 2016 to $64 992 in Dec 2017. An awesome return of 23% in 2 years.

By harnessing on the accuracy of the Unit Trust Investing System and following the signal, he steadily reaps profit from the market as opportunity arises without a single loss.

It Is Not What You Know. It Is What You Do That Matters.

Japan Fund – Fourth Round of Profit

Last week, we just exited our investment in Japan unit trust fund with a nice profit of 3.5% after holding for 6 weeks.

Year to date, this is the fourth time we had extracted profit from Japan fund and in total, we had accumulated 15.9% from it. See here how we do it.

Below is one of the students investment account. She invested $170 143 into GreatLink Lion Japan Growth Fund(Code:31) on 29/08/16 at $0.692 as there is an entry signal from the Unit Trust Investing System.

She exited last week on 12/10/16 at $0.716 with an investment value of $176 044, earning a cool profit of $5900 in 6 weeks.


Right now, we are at the sideline waiting patiently for our next investment opportunity.

If You Are Not Patient, You Will Be A Patient Financially.

Japan Fund – Third Round of Profit

Did you see it? We did it again.

My Unit Trust Investing students and I entered into LionGlobal Japan Growth fund (SGD-Hedged) again on 11 July at $1.094 as there was an entry signal from the Unit Trust Investing system.

We exited 3 days later on 13 July at $1.138 as there was an exit signal. Reaping a cool profit of 4%.

Using the same students’ investment account shown last week, it had grown from $44 587 to $46 521 while the other from $37 579 to $39 154.

Japan fund July b



So far year to date, we have extracted 12.4% from Japan fund by just investing for 14 days. See here how we do it.

This clearly shows the importance of using a good system for trading/investing. It will tell you when to enter the market at opportune time and exit swiftly to protect your profit.

Using Unit Trust, we can invest in anything such as gold, commodities, indices, oil, properties, bond, etc when opportunities arises. You will not stuck with a lifeless Singapore stock market or a pathetic return of 2.5%/year and 0.5%/year from CPF and fixed deposit respectively.

I am excited and looking forward to this Saturday Unit Trust seminar where I will be teaching the attendees how to use the Unit Trust Investing system to consistently extract profit from the global market to steadily grow their investment and CPF account so that they can retire comfortably in their golden years. With this new knowledge and investing system, their financial situation will change for the better.

Hope to you all this Saturday!

In the meantime, I will use some of my profit from Japan Fund to book a nice year-end winter holiday to Hokkaido, Japan.

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around

Japan Fund – Second Round of Profit

Two weeks ago when Britain voted to leave the European Union, the global market panicked and there were accelerated selling across all risk assets. Most brokerage houses increased their trading margin in anticipation of an economic crash similar to the one caused by the collapse of the Lehman Brothers in 2008.

For us – my Unit Trust investing students and I, amid the crisis, we are looking to enter the market.

We got a signal from the Unit Trust Investing System on 28/06/16 and entered LionGlobal Japan Growth fund(fund code 66) at $1.074.

Four days later, we got an exit signal and sold our investment at $1.104, garnering a handsome profit of 2.8% in 4 days.

One of the students account grow from $43 437 to $44587 and the other from $36 558 to $37 579.

This is what I call ‘easy money’.

Japan fund July

20160711_162007 20160711_161840

With online investing coupled with my Unit Trust Investing System, we are able to invest instantly in any part of the world when opportunity arises and exit swiftly to protect our profit.

This is the second times we profited from Japan fund this year. Read here to see how we do it the first time.

Last Friday, the US employment data was good but not enough to induce the Fed to raise interest rate. Market cheered and rallied.

Over the weekend, good news also emerged from Australia and Japan elections.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull declared victory on Sunday in a marathon national election, with his coalition government retaining power and the opposition Labor Party conceding defeat.

Japan Prime Minister Abe’s coalition notched a landslide victory for the upper house in Japan’s parliament. Abe had cast the election as a referendum on his “Abenomics” recipe of hyper-easy monetary policy, spending and reform. With signs the strategy is failing, the government plans to compile a post-election stimulus package that could exceed $99 billion.

With most headwinds over and market expecting Japan, Britain and China to further stimulate their economies with more ultra easy monetary policies, the upside is likely to continue in the second half of 2016.

To capitalize on this market opportunity, I will be conducting a Unit Trust Investing Seminar to teach how you can use my Unit Trust Investing System to extract profit easily from any part of the world to grow your idle cash and CPF fund in a safe and steady manner.

If you want to ride the next market rally and double your money once every 3 years using my Unit Trust Investing system, register for the seminar here.

One Good Investment A Year Will Secure Your Golden Years

Japan Fund – Fast N Furious Return

Last month, amid the atrocious global market meltdown, my Unit Trust Investing students and I entered into Japan fund when there is a signal from the proprietary Unit Trust Investing System. To us, every financial crisis is an investment opportunity and it is a sin to waste it.

We entered on 25/01/16 at $0.732 and exited one week later at $0.773 when there is an exit signal. In just one week, we obtained an awesome return of 5.6%. After we exited, the Japan index dive down as shown in the chart below.


Below is a statement from one of the students. She invested(switch in) $187 813 into Greatlink Lion Japan Growth Fund(code 31) on 25/01/16. One week later, she exited(switch out) with $198 333. $10 500 profit in one week without doing anything.

After she paid $88 attending my Unit Trust Investing seminar last year, her investment account has been growing steadily despite the fierce global market sell down.

Attending my course is probably the best investment she had ever made in her life.


Here is another statement from other student. His profit is $4140 in one week. Not bad as compare to those who put their money in the bank (0.5%/year), CPF (2.5%/year) and those ignorant who lose money to the market in the last 6 months.

His investment account is also growing steadily in the last 6 months. Not least affected by the bear market.


I felt happy for them as they have acquired the necessary knowledge and skill to grow their investment account. They will have no problem retiring comfortably in their golden years.

Bear market doesn’t mean one will lose money if he is invested in the market. There are financial instruments that will go up during a bear or volatile market.

Similarly, it is not how good or bad the market is when determining when to enter. It is how good you are. With the correct knowledge, tool and system, you can make money from the market anytime, anywhere.


Yesterday, I had a great time at my Unit Trust Investing seminar with a group of enthusiastic audience.

As most of them are in their late 40s, they are very concern about job security and having enough for their retirement needs due to the ever rising cost of living in Singapore. They filled me with many questions and because of time constrain, I didn’t manage to answer them all.

Nevertheless, after learning the Unit Trust investing strategies and by following closely to the system, they will do well for their idle CPF fund and cash saving. This will assuage some of their financial concerns.

As promised, this is the stock pick for them to make some pocket money for this week. Good Luck!


Stop buy or buy only @ 0.193
Stop loss @ 0.179

Alternative Investment – Seaweed Farm

Last thursday, another alternative investment company investing in seaweed farm went bust in Singapore. About 20 investors investing more than $1.37 million fell victim to it. A housewife even invested more than $600 000 after being promised returns of up to three times her capital. Read more here.

Every year, it is reported in the news that there is at least one such company went bust or disappeared overnight in Singapore. Example are Profitable Land, Gold Guarantee, Ecohouse, etc. These investors never learn the lesson of others. Once money is lost investing with these boutique firm, it is almost impossible to recover back.

This is the reason why at Money In The Chart, we advocate the use of Unit Trust for investing our hard-earned money because it is MAS regulated, low cost, predictable, liquid and you can invest anywhere in the world when opportunity arises.

This Saturday, I am having a Unit Trust Investing Seminar to teach the public how to use my Unit Trust Investing System to extract profit regularly from the global market to grow their CPF and cash in a safe and steady manner. I will also show them how to double their money once every 3 years using the system. Register for it here.

Unit Trust – Japan Fund

Last Tuesday, one of my Unit Trust Investment students exited his Unit Trust investment in Japan with a return of 5.4% in one month.

He entered GreatLink Lion Japan Growth Fund (Code 31) on 04/05/15 at $0.831 when there is an entry signal from the Unit Trust Investing System. He exited on 02/06/15 at $0.876, making a marvellous profit of $17227 in a month.

Japan fund - June 15 20150609_153657

In the last one year, although the market is flat, choppy and volatile, my students and I manage to earn good money from Unit trust investing because with online Unit Trust, we are able to invest instantly in any part of the world when opportunity arises. With the help of my Unit Trust Investing System, we are able to enter and exit the market swiftly and steadily to consistently grow our CPF and cash saving.

For this student, he had grown his account steadily from $294 452 in 17/07/14 to $335 362 on 02/06/15 regardless of market condition. A profit of $41 000 in one year.


In today economic environment, the hard truth is if you don’t invest or trade correctly, you can never have enough to spend or to retire comfortably. 

Next Saturday, I will be having a Unit Trust Investing Seminar to teach the public how to use my Unit Trust Investing System to extract profit regularly from the global market to grow their CPF and cash in a safe and steady manner. I will also show them how they can double their money once every 3 years using my system. Register for it here.

One Good Investment A Year Will Secure Your Golden Years

Unit Trust – Thailand Fund

Today, I received a ‘Thank You’ message from one of my students who attended the Unit Trust seminar on 14 March 2015. He had made good return from investing in Thailand fund using the strategy learned in the seminar.

He invested $48 500 into LionGlobal Thailand Fund (Fund code: 60) on 26/03/15 at $3.586. He exited on 20/04/15 at $3.737 and made a return of $2000 (4%) in 3 weeks.

After he exited, the fund dropped fast and furious to near the entry point. This demonstrated how accurate my proprietary Unit Trust Investing System is. It will signal to you when to enter and exit your investment so that you can extract money consistently from the global market in a safe and steady manner.

Thai fund20150504_162108

He and the other students who attended that Unit Trust seminar also profited from my stock call on Biosensor which I asked them to buy during the seminar. See here.

He paid only $88 for the seminar, but made back more than 20 times the seminar fee plus acquired an investment strategy that will benefit him for life. No wonder, he asked me to reserve a seat for him for the upcoming Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course this month.


So far for this upcoming Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course intake in May, one third of those who had signed up are from my Unit Trust Seminar students. They used the acquired investment strategy to make good money for their cash and CPF and now they come back for more.

Probably, Money In The Chart is the only trading and investment school in Singapore where students come back for more knowledge and skill to make more money from the market.

Trade And Invest According To The Chart. No ‘If’, No ‘But’.

Unit Trust – Russia Fund

On 29/01/15, I posted here that I have been monitoring Russia for an entry signal to invest for my investment portfolio. I mentioned in the post that once crude oil recovers, Russia fund will shot up. I even posted on the facebook on 28/01/2015 that crude oil had reached a bottom and will rebound from thereon.

On 31/01/15, after my stock preview seminar, I had a short session with my Unit Trust student. I presented to them my view on the crude oil and investment in Russia. One of my students decided to top up an additional amount of $13500 into his Unit Trust account and invest into the Parvest Equity Russia Fund. He requested me to time the entry and exit for him.

On 10/02/15, there was an entry signal from my proprietary Unit Trust Investing system and I entered the Russia fund. On 24/10/15, there was an exit signal and I exited with an handsome profit of 7% in 2 weeks as shown below.

russia chart

Russia statement

Using Great Eastern Prestige Portfolio Unit Trust Plan, we are able to invest online instantly anywhere in the world when opportunity arises. After an initial one-time administrative charge of 3% and an annual platform charge of 1.7%, buying and selling of all funds are free – no commission and spread incurred. You will save an enormous amount of money as compared to using other platform such as fundsupermart and dollardex. You will not face with liquidity issue like most encounter with ETF fund.

Parvest Equity Russia Fund is the top gainer among all Unit Trust fund in Singapore in the past one month with a return of 14%. My proprietary Unit Trust Investing system is able to screen out any investment opportunity in the world and filter out the best Unit Trust fund to invest in to capitalise that opportunity.

Currently, I am helping my client, who invest a minimum amount of $30 000 in cash, CPFOA or SRS, to manage their Unit Trust investment using my proprietary Unit Trust system. They just receive their investment statement every month and see their money grow without doing anything. If you would like to invest in Unit Trust or engage me to manage your Unit Trust fund, feel free to email me at ramuslow@www.moneyinthechart.com

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