I Feel Great Today

Today, I exited my SMRT position which was entered on 1/2/16 with a wonderful profit of 5.5% after holding for 2 weeks.


I also obtained a nice profit of 3.3% from First Resources.

2016Feb-First Resources-800x600

As usual, all these stock picks were generated by the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System and posted here for all to make money from. They will just shot up the next day because this trading system is finely calibrated to catch stocks that are about to make big moves in the market. As such, you don’t need to trade big to make big profit. 

Trading Is Easy. Don’t Make It Complicated.

SMRT – Did You See It?

As predicted, SMRT went up by 1.6% today. As always, this stock pick was posted here yesterday and the very next day, it just shot up. Although it is not a big move, I accepted it with gratitude. I will take whatever amount the market gives me. This is the correct psychology of trading.


Sometimes, I feel bore trading the market because everything is predictable. I know in advance when the market will turn. It really takes the excitement out of me from stock trading.

Anyway, for those who are holding SMRT, continue to enjoy the ride up. Let SMRT pays for your posh reunion dinner next Sunday. Enjoy!

Life Is For Trading. Not Working.


Last friday, the central bank of Japan adopted a negative interest rate for the first time and the global market cheered. STI closed up 2.60% and the S&P 500 closed strongly at 2.5%. The global risk-on is back again.

SMRT was moving up very strongly in the last four days. It reported a nice set of profit last week and from the price action, it indicated more good news may be coming. Watch for it closely!


Buy only @ 1.53
Stop loss @ 1.46

The next Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading course is commencing next month immediately after the Chinese New Year celebration so that the student can catch the stock market rebound. If you want to grasp this opportunity to ride on the rebound to catch the next stocks that make BIG moves in the market, do reserve your seat early.

Once A Trader, Always A Trader.

Have You Collected Your Dividend From SMRT?

Today, I had accumulated 5.8% of dividend from SMRT. Not bad from being a shareholder for 2 days.

As usual, I posted this stock here on Sunday and the next 2 days it just made the BIG move down.


I will spend part of the dividend on a nice weekend shopping and dinner with my family in celebration of the SG50. Thank you SMRT for sponsoring my weekend shopping and dining and free usage of its train and bus services this Sunday (National Day).

If you had missed yours, don’t worry as there is always another chance. Just be patient and wait for it.

If You Are Not Patient, You Will Be A Patient.


Yesterday, during my Sniper Stock Trading Course preview, I shared with the audience SMRT is a very good stock for shorting.

Reasons are as follow:

1)SMRT will have at least one breakdown every year without fail. Whenever that happens, it will be fined by the authority. Their already tight profit margin will be further squeezed.

2)As a company providing a public service, their profit will be capped no matter how good their service is. Hence, don’t expect this stock to be a multibagger.

3)As the rail ages and ridership increases, I expect more problem to surface and they will need to replace more expensive hardware and software.

As such, I don’t think any savvy investor would want to invest in it.


For me, I would just short it and collect dividend everyday rather than invest in it, collect dividend once a year and lost half of my investment.

Stop sell using CFD @ 1.38
Stop loss @ 1.45