Sky One – My Best Trade in August

Sky One was my best trade last month. Really money from the sky!

I posted this stock call here on 14/8/14 and my stop buy order was triggered on the very next day at $0.135.

After I entered this stock on 15/8/14, there was no exit signal and everyday I shifted my stop loss till it was triggered on 4/9/14 and I am out at $0.188. Garnered a return of  39% for 3 week.

The reason why many people have difficulty in trading or cannot ride the trend is not because they have weak psychological, bad money management skill or unpredictability of the stock market. It is because they don’t have a Good Trading System. A Good Trading System is the missing link to Successful Trading.

With a good trading system, sometime you don’t even have a chance to cut loss. With a 90% accuracy stock trading system like mine, you will not have any psychological and money management issue. You will sleep well at night and have no problem cutting loss knowing that it will be covered by subsequent winning trades. Your job is really just see your trading account grow fatter and fatter each month. You will make the market pay for all your expenses, your next holiday, your next house, your pension fund, etc.

Sky One – One BIG bar !

Ladies and Gentlemen, did you see it. This stock call was posted on Thursday evening here. Did you managed to catch it? This is a big one.

This is what happened to a stock when there are hidden buying. The BBs just show hand and the professional traders just piggyback on them.

For the whole of last week, everyday from Monday to Friday I had one good trade. I am able to achieve this because of the market correct which just ended and my wonderful Stock Trading System. Usually, after a market correct, there will be many trading and investment opportunity to make profit from provided you have the knowledge, tool and system to capture them.

After a market correction, the risk is low and the profit is high. Risk-Reward ratio is the best. But many dare not enter the market due to fear as propagated by the media, analyst report, etc.

For my upcoming Unit Trust seminar, I will be showing how to capture gigantic profit after any market correction around the world by investing in the V chart pattern without any fear. Do register for the seminar early as you will regret if you miss it. For those who have been following my blog, you will realise that whatever I said, 90% will come true.

Sky One

After ranging for 4 months, sky one may breakout and run again. There are hidden buying activity while this stock is ranging. Watch for it!

Stop buy or buy @ $0.135
Stop loss @ $0.117


1)Watch out for Jaya. I am still waiting for the breakout. Just key in your stop buy order and hope for the best.
Stop buy or buy @ $0.065
Stop loss @ $0.06
2) Take note of Giken

3) Today my China Gaoxian stop buy order was triggered at $0.047