Yesterday evening, the US market again gaped up but this time round, it went all the way down till market close and lost 2.5%. What an amazing smooth ride down!

Many are disillusioned at the last 9 days of intensive selling in the global market. Some had given up on share trading while others blindly listen to friends and rumour and try to buy low. In the end, their share prices get even lower.

With my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, I am not held hostage by the market. Instead, I control and know where the market is going. From my chart, this round of global selling is done. Right now, I am looking for signal to long the market.

Today, I spotted SingHaiyi with a nice rebound pattern. Hopefully, tomorrow it will break the resistant $0.115 and chiong all the way up to be my another big Ang Bao for this year.


Buy only @ 0.116