SBI Offshore

Using my trading companion, I manage to screen out SBI Offshore for my trading tomorrow.

From the chart, after being flat and without liquidity for a year, buyers and liquidity seem to be back.

There are also sign that the downtrend may have reversed.

Watch for it!

Buy above $0.092

Enjoy the trade!

SBI Offshore – 28% Profit For Last Sat UT Seminar Audience

On 27/9/2014, I hosted a seminar on the correct way to invest in Unit Trust and at the end of the session, I gave the audience 2 stock tips. One of which was SBI offshore. The entry price given for this stock was $0.375. I even assured them that they can easily made $500 from them. In the next 2 days, this stock alone garnered a return of 28%, many times more than the fee of $88 they paid for attending the seminar. This stock can run so much despite the STI and Asia market are down. This is the power of a good trading/investing system.

Below are the Thank You sms I received from some of the audience on Monday.

I love to help these people who genuinely wanted to grow their money (cash and CPF). They are willing to sacrifice their time and money to attend my seminar on a cozy saturday afternoon. In the end, they gained real investment knowledge and money, which will put them in a good stead in their financial journey.

1) Last week, the market underwent a minor correction. US and the Hang Seng market will rebound this week. Hence, this week will be a very good one for making easy money. I am ready to see all my stock shot up all over the place again. Life is Great!