Resources Prima

Currently, the market is very bullish with institutions, investors and traders in a risk-on mode, pouring money into equity.

In Asia market, Singapore and Hong Kong are the most undervalued and I expect them to play a catch up with their peers.

Now is a good time to search for and scoop up battered down stock in local market.

A good one to look at is Resources Prima. After it went down to $0.024 and remain supported there for 2 months, it is starting to go up again.

It may have reached its bottom and the downtrend may have changed from here on.

2016Jul-Resources Prima-800x600

Last Two Week Was Hell!

My sniper traders and I went through 2 weeks of hell because we made hell lots of money in the past 2 weeks as the market suddenly roar up to life!

My previous Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading course was concluded on 28 March 2015. It could not have been a better time for this batch of sniper traders to graduate as they made at least 50% from the big moves of 4 stocks as shown below. Some are posted here for the public to make money as well.2015Apr-Q&M Dental-800x600

2015Apr-IPC Corp-800x600



After conducting 2 previews in the last 2 week for the special intake of the ultimate sniper stock trading course in May, 2/3 of the seat had already been taken up. If you aspire to be the next one shot, one kill sniper trader in the market, this preview is for you.

Look At That !

Do I have to say more?

These 2 stock calls were posted here one day in advance and the next day, as usual, they just shot up.



This week, we (my sniper traders and I) had made hell lot of money from Jaya, Resources Prima Group and other stock calls not posted here. From Jaya and Resources Prima Group alone, we already made 21% so far. This is only the first week of April, more profit to come in the next 3 weeks.

If you aspire to be the next sniper trader and be part of my winning team, this Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course preview is for you. Only for this special intake in May, I will be giving a one time 50% discount to the course fee.

You can read more about the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System here.

Life Is For Trading. Not Working.

Resources Prima Group – My First Fish For This Month

Did you see it? One Shot, One Kill.

This stock call was posted yesterday and today, as usual, it just shot up!

For those who had caught it, you can wait a few days for this fish to grow bigger before harvesting.


With the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System, getting profit from the market is so easy and predictable. As this system is calibrated to catch BIG moves in the market, you don’t need to trade big, crazy position to get big profit. You only need to trade with a small position. You will not feel jittery during the day. You are able to continue your daily activity, sleep well at night and have a better quality of life.

Trading is a journey. Trade the correct way and you will live life at its best!

This friday, I will be having another preview on the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading course for the special intake in May for those who had lost money to the market in the last 3 months. I will be giving a ONE TIME 50% discount for this batch of student. As this intake is limited to 20 students and there are limited seats for this preview seminar, do register early here to avoid disappointment.

You Don’t Need A Job. You Only Need The Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System.

Resources Prima Group

Yesterday, I had another great session of the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course Preview. Most of the attendees are in their 40s and above and I admire them for signing up for the course and taking the first step to get a proper and correct education on trading although some of them have concerns with regard to their learning abilities, chart reading, online trading such as IT, handling of the CFD trading platform, etc. They understood that if they don’t acquire a trading skill now, they will have more financial pain in the future.

As a promise and a gesture of appreciation for their positive attitude in learning, I have posted the entry price for Resources Prima Group below.


Buy only @ $0.128
Stop loss @ $0.108

If You Think Education Is Expensive, Try Ignorance.

Resources Prima Group (formerly Sky One)

This is one of my favourite stock. Today, there is an entry signal to extract second round of profit from it.

Stop buy or buy only @ $0.195
Stop loss @ $0.182
Yesterday, I had a wonderful time teaching the audience, who came for my Unit Trust seminar, on the correct and proper way of investing in Unit trust. Imparting them the technique of extracting regular profit from the market in a safe and steady manner. 
My seminar was suppose to be 2 to 4.30pm. But, it ended at 7pm because we had a good discussion on everything that is related to trading and investment. I answered all the queries from the audience till the last person to leave the seminar room. 
I don’t mind helping these genuine people who wants to grow their money as I understand how it feel like to live in Singapore where the cost of living is high and our salary is almost stagnant. This is also one of the main reasons why everyday I post stock call on this blog. It is to let reader make some money from the stock market to alleviate the impact of ever rising inflation.  


1) This week, the US market may start to pull back after going up continuously for 5 weeks.