Q&M Dental – My Second Good Trade Of The Month

Today, I got my second Good Trade of the month from Q & M, which gave me a nice profit of 5% in 3 days.

I posted this stock here on Monday and the very next day, my buy order was triggered.

2015Jul-Q&M Dental-800x600

Although the market is messy and volatile, I still managed to get my good trades in. All thanks to my marvellous Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System. It will direct me to enter those stock that are about to make BIG move in the market regardless of market condition and direction.

I am again looking forward to this Saturday Unit Trust Seminar where I will be teaching the student on how to use unit trust to extract profit regularly from the global market to double their CPF and cash fund once every 3 years in a safe and steady manner.

If you want to see your CPF fund grow faster than the current miserable 2.5%, register for this seminar here.

Q & M

2015Jul-Q&M Dental-800x600

Q & M is coming back very strongly after a month of correction. Now is a good time to enter this stock. Don’t miss it!

Stop buy or buy only @ 0.845
Stop loss @ 0.77

If You Are Right, You Ride.

Q&M Dental – Look At That!

Did you see it?

Another BIG fish caught.

Q&M is my first Good trade of the month and also a big one – 14.5% in 3 days.

This stock call was posted here last wednesday for the whole world to see and profit.

2015May-Q&M Dental-800x600I am going to take profit tomorrow and use some of it to visit Q&M to check and polish my teeth. It has been a few years since I last had my dental check-up.

I am looking forward to extract more profit this week as the market had recovered since last wednesday.

One Good Trade A Day Will Keep Inflation Away

Q&M Dental

2015May-Q&M Dental-800x600

Another one for you to make the market pay for your upcoming family overseas vacation next month.

Hold within 3 days and exit once the profit is good.

Buy only @ $0.86

Man Created The Market. Man Should Benefit From It.

Q&M Dental

2015Apr-Q&M Dental-800x600

Today, Q&M rebounded very strongly. There is a chance to enter tomorrow. Exit once profit is good.

Buy only @ $0.775

I am excited and looking forward to this saturday 2 seminars where I will be imparting my investment knowledge and strategy to a new batch of Unit Trust Investing student. I will be teaching them how to extract profit from the global market in a safe and steady manner to grow their CPF and cash saving via Unit Trust Investing. Hopefully, with the acquired knowledge and strategy, they are able to catch the big moves in the market in May.

During the stock course preview seminar, I will be sharing what I am currently doing with my team of sniper traders on the current market condition.

Are you prepared of what is to come in May?

Finally We Exited

Today, our protective stop losses were triggered and we exited our trade on jaya and Q&M with gigantic profit of 47% and 24% respectively.


2015Apr-Q&M Dental-800x600

I am going to use part of the profit to book a nice, long holiday for my family in the year end.

Jaya is my best trade for this year so far. It is also my best trade for 2104 at 75% profit. See here how I caught it last year using the ultimate sniper stock trading system. With a proven world class trading system, you can repeatedly catch all these big moves in the market.

Yesterday, I received numerous emails asking me whether they can still enter jaya. I am amaze they still want to enter where it has ran up 47%. These ignorant people are the ones who always trade with news, rumours, etc and lose lots of money to the market. In trading, you either win a lot or lose a lot. If you don’t have the correct knowledge, tool and system, you have no chance in the market.

This is the reason why I organised a special intake for my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course in May for those who lose money in the last 3 months to equip them with the correct knowledge, tool and system so that they can recover back all their losses and generate a second source of income from trading. As most of their trading account are in the red, I am offering a one time 50% discount for this batch of student. This is the best I can do for you. If you would like to register for this intake, come for my preview this saturday.