Shorting US Market

From my chart, the next round of selling from the US and European region is coming soon.

Hence, from today onwards, I will be looking to the US market for shorting opportunity as there are many stocks in the local Singapore market not available for shorting due to the many stringent rules by MAS and SGX.

Majority of the stock in the US are available for shorting and their margin requirement are low. They also don’t have liquidity issue.

Come join me to short down these dying stock in the US to ride through this Major Global BIG BEAR Market and after that, use the house money to ride through the BULL Market again.

Opportunity comes only once. Don’t waste it.

2015Sep-Ocean Rig Udw Inc-800x600

Ocean Rig Udw Inc
Stop sell using CFD @ 2.90
Stop loss @ 3.27

2015Sep-Patterson Uti Energy Inc-800x600

Patterson Uti Energy Inc
Stop sell using CFD @ 13.38
Stop loss @ 15.39