Time To Long US Stock

Later when the US market opens, I am going to buy some stocks to ride this strong and fast rebound.

With online trading, you can make money from the market 24 hours a day from the comfort of your home. You can make your money work hard for you every single hour of the day. This is the beauty of being a full time trader.

Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc is a nice trendy stock that is perfect for trading.

Just sit on it and enjoy the smooth ride up!2015Oct-Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc-800x600

Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc
Stop buy or buy only @ 21.58
Stop loss @ 20.40

Here is another one. Hold tight for the fast and furious ride up!

2015Oct-Alaska Communications Sys Group Inc-800x600

Alaska Communication Sys Group Inc
Stop buy or buy only @ 2.46
Stop loss @ 2.28