Yesterday, I read about a bad report on Noble latest quarterly earning. Its credit rating is undergoing a review and may be downgraded in the near future. This will cause its borrowing cost to go up resulting in lower cash flow for the company.

Technically, noble chart looks horrible and bearish. And I love to short such stock to collect dividend everyday (not once or twice a year). 2015Nov-Noble-800x600

Stop sell or sell only using CFD @ 0.41
Stop loss @ 0.46

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Noble Group

Currently, the number of dead stock is growing in the market.

Here is another one. Enjoy the smooth ride down !

For those who had missed this on 1/12/14. This is your last chance to short it !

Stop sell or sell using CFD only @ $1.095
Stop loss @ $1.18

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Noble Group

Today, STI and Hang Seng were down 1.34% and 2.58% respectively.

There is also volatility in the market today and in the next few days, market may experience a pullback. Hope the pullback will be a deep and fast one.

Hence, it is prudent to short sell the market while waiting for opportunity to pick up cheap stock again after the pullback.

This stock may start its second wave down after a retracement. Enjoy the ride down !

Stop sell or sell using CFD only @ $1.155
Stop loss @ $1.245