I shorted Noble on 3 June and it became my first good trade for this month.

Today, there is a signal to short it again.

Sell using CFD @ 0.675
Stop loss @ 0.73

I am looking forward to this Saturday Unit Trust Seminar where I will be teaching the student on how to use unit trust to extract profit regularly from the global market to double their CPF and cash fund once every 3 years in a safe and steady manner.

I will reveal during the seminar which market to enter next month when the market rebound to extract the maximum profit from this sell down.

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Four Good Trade A Month Will Replace Your Miserable Income


Today seem like the whole world is going to collapse. Almost every stock in the market is in the red. With so many uncertainty ahead for this month, it would be good to short sell the market for this week.


One of my favourite dead stocks is Noble. Enjoy the ride down!

Sell using CFD @ 0.74
Stop loss @ 0.79

Noble – Second Good Trade Of The Month


Look at that! It slammed down 3.9% in a day.

I love Noble. Every time I post an entry signal, the next day it will trigger that allows me to make the fastest return for the money in my trading account in the shortest possible time.

I shorted Noble twice at $0.915 and $0.885. These entry signals were posted here and generated by my wonderful Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System which will give me at least 4 good trades a month regardless of market condition as proven in this blog.

With such a fabulous system, whether the market is high, low, choppy, no liquidity, bear is coming, bull is going away, etc, they don’t bother me. My job is to execute all signal given by the system and see my trading account growing bigger day by day.

Man Created The Market. Man Should Benefit From It.



I posted Noble last tuesday (10 March) and on the very next day, it gapped down and I managed to short it at $0.915.

Today, there is a signal to short this dead stock again.

Sell using CFD @ $0.885
Stop loss @ $0.965

Life Is Great As Long As The Market Is Around 



There is a sell signal for this dead stock. Just short it !

Sell using CFD @ $0.915
Stop loss @ $1.06

Today, I exited my short positon on Hyflux at $0.855 with a profit of 3.5%. Hyflux was posted here on 24/02/15 and I entered on 2/3/15 at $0.885.

Buy Stock Make Money. Sell Stock Also Make Money.