After waiting patiently for 2 month, my favourite stock Jaya is coming back.

I am going to scoop it up tomorrow. Miss it at your own risk!


Stop buy or buy only @ 0.047
Stop loss @ 0.039



Jaya is my best trade for this year so far. It is also my best trade for 2104 at 75% profit. See here how I caught it last year using the ultimate sniper stock trading system.With a proven world class stock trading system, you can repeatedly catch all these big moves in the market.

Today, this BIG FAT fish is back again to give me a second round of BIG FAT profit.


Buy only @ $0.048

Finally We Exited

Today, our protective stop losses were triggered and we exited our trade on jaya and Q&M with gigantic profit of 47% and 24% respectively.


2015Apr-Q&M Dental-800x600

I am going to use part of the profit to book a nice, long holiday for my family in the year end.

Jaya is my best trade for this year so far. It is also my best trade for 2104 at 75% profit. See here how I caught it last year using the ultimate sniper stock trading system. With a proven world class trading system, you can repeatedly catch all these big moves in the market.

Yesterday, I received numerous emails asking me whether they can still enter jaya. I am amaze they still want to enter where it has ran up 47%. These ignorant people are the ones who always trade with news, rumours, etc and lose lots of money to the market. In trading, you either win a lot or lose a lot. If you don’t have the correct knowledge, tool and system, you have no chance in the market.

This is the reason why I organised a special intake for my Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course in May for those who lose money in the last 3 months to equip them with the correct knowledge, tool and system so that they can recover back all their losses and generate a second source of income from trading. As most of their trading account are in the red, I am offering a one time 50% discount for this batch of student. This is the best I can do for you. If you would like to register for this intake, come for my preview this saturday.

Last Two Week Was Hell!

My sniper traders and I went through 2 weeks of hell because we made hell lots of money in the past 2 weeks as the market suddenly roar up to life!

My previous Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading course was concluded on 28 March 2015. It could not have been a better time for this batch of sniper traders to graduate as they made at least 50% from the big moves of 4 stocks as shown below. Some are posted here for the public to make money as well.2015Apr-Q&M Dental-800x600

2015Apr-IPC Corp-800x600



After conducting 2 previews in the last 2 week for the special intake of the ultimate sniper stock trading course in May, 2/3 of the seat had already been taken up. If you aspire to be the next one shot, one kill sniper trader in the market, this preview is for you.

Look At That !

Do I have to say more?

These 2 stock calls were posted here one day in advance and the next day, as usual, they just shot up.



This week, we (my sniper traders and I) had made hell lot of money from Jaya, Resources Prima Group and other stock calls not posted here. From Jaya and Resources Prima Group alone, we already made 21% so far. This is only the first week of April, more profit to come in the next 3 weeks.

If you aspire to be the next sniper trader and be part of my winning team, this Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading Course preview is for you. Only for this special intake in May, I will be giving a one time 50% discount to the course fee.

You can read more about the Ultimate Sniper Stock Trading System here.

Life Is For Trading. Not Working.



Jaya was my BIG fat fish for last year. See how I caught it here using the ultimate sniper stock trading system.

Tomorrow there is a chance to catch this fish again. Good Luck!

Buy only @ $0.038
Stop loss @ $0.03

Give A Man A Fish And You Feed Him For A Day
Teach A Man How To Fish And You Feed Him For A LifeTime

Jaya – The champion again !

Last month Jaya is the CHAMPION. This month it will be the CHAMPION again !

Last month I caught it. Today, I caught it again after waiting patiently for 1 week. This is a big fat fish. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have profited from my stock call, kindly buy more tissue from the elderly and the disabled selling tissue on the hot street of Singapore. It will brighten their day. I will promise you more from this blog.

My stock calls and all the stocks which I entered since last week has each shot up day by day. This is no coincidence and also not luck at play. You can achieve this standard only with a correct knowledge, tool and system. A good system to generate the buying/selling signal, the correct knowledge to filter out false signal and the tool to execute the trade swiftly.

Today, I own 4 systems. Stock, Index and Currency Trading system and a Unit Trust Investing System. With them, I can sleep and grow rich!

Tomorrow I will be hosting a seminar on Unit Trust Investing to showcase my Unit Trust Investing system. During the seminar, you will discover how I used my crazy proprietary Unit Trust Investing system to extract explosive return from Unit Trust Investing using CPF and cash. And the most important part of the seminar is the last item where I will show you when the US market will turn after the QE3 ended in October 2014. This seminar is best suited for those who are aspiring to buy/stay at a bigger house, who wants a bigger retirement fund, who wants the market to pay for their next holiday and those who want to grow their money at a safe and at an insane rate. Do register early before the seat ran out. 


1) Today, my skyone also gives me another BIG bar.


Jaya had formed a Bullish Pennant and is attempting a breakout. Do key in your stop buy order in your trading platform to capture this windfall. Miss it at your own risk !

Stop buy or buy @ $0.067
Stop loss @ $0.058 or $0.06

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